Friday, March 11, 2011


By Me, that's who!!!!

Gettin' to knowwww MEEE!  Gettin' to know all ABOUT MEEEEEEEE!!!!  Hee!

The good Doctor has been most fortunate to have folks taking an interest in his wondrous career!  Yessss!  So I'm doin' a little pay it backwardsing for all the the support! 

Just consult the charmin' little links I've provided below for the recent folks that have done me a great service, ya hear!!!!?

Here's a charmin' interview, and review, with me on The Count Gore site with the loverly ATHENA, yeesssssss!

Here's an interview with me conducted by the magnanimous Scott Ruth!

Here's a charmin' review conducted by J.F. Guida and S. Michael Wilson with my alter-ego John Dimes!
If you've got the time to sit on down, it's well worth AALLLLLL the talkin' Dimes and company did! 
CAUTION:  It's a geek fest beyond all known parameters!  HEE!

The good Doctor always gets his mentions on this here charmin' site!  Just scroll on
down till you find me! There's LOADS of fun stuff to be had till ya get ta me!!!!!


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