Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here are a collection of links for the reviews I've received thusfar for:
with apologies to some who were left off (not because the reviews were bad, but because they simply ain't got no reliable link, or they only gave me a blurb!  I AIN'T afraid to link to no bad review!  NOT ME!).

Anyway, click away, and enjoy as I have enjoyed these entertaining reviews.  Some were beside themselves with enjoyment, and others enjoyed themselves despite themselves!  Still:  I'm thankful for them, one and ALL!!!!

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click here OH, you get the idea!!!!

making it safe to be who you be. . .cinematically speaking of course!!!!!

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Monday, November 29, 2010


I was in a festive movie frame of mind, and I couldn't decide between my two favorite movies:

AUNTIE MAME, starring the ravashingly rambunctious Rosalind Russell, or:

MAME: The Musical, starring the radiant redhead, Lucille Ball! 

They're both so much fun in different ways!

Auntie Mame as played by Russell is wonderfully avant garde, and funky.  We should ALL have aunts like that. 

It reminded me of the fun I had watchin' Maggie Smith in a Travels With My Aunt! 

But there's something to be said for MAME with Lucille Ball!  Sure couldn't sing her way outta SING SING, but the music is awesome! 

And its got BEA ARTHUR!!!!  Oh, how Arthur wraps her dulcet baritone around that charmin' song:  The Man on the Moon is a MISSSSS!  Hee!

And it stars a young Bruce Davison, whom under Mame's tutelage, becomes a stark raving nut attacking folks with his pet rat. . . !

Mind you, I'd love to have seen Angela Lansbury playing Mame like she did on the stage! 

Which is a shame!  There's a lotta folks that get pushed aside for the movie production of stuff! 

Like didja know that Jessica Tandy played Blanche Dubois in the stage production of Streetcar Named Desire?!  DAyum, that would'a been awesome ta see!

Aw well!  Guess I'll go back to decidin' which Mame I'll watch first!  Oh, how I'd love it if they did a Super Soul production of Mame!  Lessee who'd be a good choice for contenders:

Whitney Houston:  Oh, she's definitely got the troubled enough past to carry the role, y'all!

Macy Gray:  Lord, the role almost got her name on it!

Tyler Perry:  He could do with another wig!

Eddie Murphy:  He plays women REAL WELL too, I says!

Loretta Divine:  Sassy, n' no nonsense!  She can sing!  And her boobs ARE REAL!  I'll take her!  Hee!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DOCTOR SARCOFIGUY PRESENTS: Ghosts & Gourmands - Level 3 of 3

Originally presented in the anthology TRAPS, Darkhart Press


Mercy!  Black Friday doesn't hafta be black when it can be bright and happy! 

Especially when you purchase these charmin' items! 
  1. Every Other Day Is Halloween:  It's a charmin' documentary on our beloved Count Gore Devol and the astoundingly talented man behind him Dick Dyzel!  And me and my alter ego are in it!  Yessss!
  2. American Scary:  Another charmin' documentary that has every horror host on the planet in it!  Including ME!  Hee hee!
  3. Virginia Creepers:  Yet ANOTHER charmin' documentary that features horror host in the Virginia Commonwealth!  And it also has a wealth of ME, oh, and Count Gore Devol too!  And is hosted by none other than MR. LOBO! 

And lets not forget these charmin' literary oddities either!
  1. Underpants of the Dead:  An ingeniously crafted tome of zombies that's both funny, and frightening!
  2. Intracations:  The story of a standup comic who's the catalyst for the end of the WORLD!  More or less!  Hee!
  3. The Rites of Pretending Tribe:  This book ain't scary, but the folks in this Victorian era fantasy masterpiece are scared of a bunch of folks called The Pretending Tribe!  It's a must read, even if I say so myself!  And I always say so, dammit!
All of these awesome items are available everywhere that books or videos are sold!  And they make great stocking stuffers, as long as you don't have your foot in the stockings!  There's specially designed stockin' for that!

And don't you DARE forget about my entertaining tome on cinematic criticism:


it's available exclusively here at Amazon.com! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ah, the purple one.  His royal badness!  His very existence reminds of a time when Right On Magazine really was RIGHT ON, dammit!

When there were comedians with the kewl names like:


or Flip,



or Smiley!

Oh, and JET magazine!

And the JET magazine centerfolds!  YEAH, BABY!

Where everybody had an AFRO!  Even I had an AFRO, or a rather small "bush!"

And when you put your ear up to Prince, you can hear the funky sounds of James Brown, and GEORGE CLINTON! 

I got the Placebo Syndrome from George!

And I was definitely part of the nation that was UNDER A GROOVE, getting down just for the funk of it!

And I definitely got an education from the genius Darius James and his most amazing tome NEGROPHOBIA!  Oh, yes!  That's a lip smackin', tantalizingly rude, and surreal little book! 

One almost feels the depth of it's marvelous depravity in practically every song that Prince does.   Sure, Prince can be philosophical, but he's known for his frank dirtiness that is somehow matter-of-fact!  Like his songs "Dirty Mind,"  "Head," "Darling Nikki," and his filth masterpiece, "Jack U Off!"

What would my world be like without Prince?  A man that actually thought it was an alright idea to originally dub Vanity, Vagina?  Oh, and don't forget "Sugar Walls," an ode to Sheena Easton's vagina! 

Again, I don't even wanna think about it!