Monday, November 15, 2010

CRITICS: Nature's Free Speech Inpediments!

When Dr. Sarcofiguy wrote There Are No Bad Movies! (Only Bad Audiences) which can be purchased here, he didn't want critics just to think he hated their guts!  Oh, NOOOO!  On the contrary!  He actually wanted to arm the much maligned, emotionally destitute common man/woman with a dialog that would ward and protect them against all other living organisms that would hamper, or willfully alter, their free and unconditional love for either cinematic, or literary materials that these parasitic "other's" would deem YUCKY! 

I mean, how many times have we had to explain ourselves, our personal tastes to folks, only to have them gang up on ya, and summarily dismiss you as a buffoon?  Or as a person of "indiscriminate" tastes and "poor" judgement!

Of course, my friends, free speech is important, but it is often diminished by some who take a gleeful, and callous disregard for other's opinions, and enthusiams, where they constantly indulge themselves in a snobbily over-intitled, trapdoor spider-like screed of flatulent twaddle that screems of zealous indoctrination,  yesssss!  How dares these people think they are educating the savages when they are themselves savages!

And here we come to a review that is biased in favor of my charmin' book!  Click here to read Dave Albaugh's scintilating and fascinating review for There Are No Bad Movies!  (Only Bad Audiences) at TERROR FROM BEYOND THE DAVES. It's insightful.  Gleeful!  And his check is most certainly in the mail!  HEE!

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