Monday, November 29, 2010


I was in a festive movie frame of mind, and I couldn't decide between my two favorite movies:

AUNTIE MAME, starring the ravashingly rambunctious Rosalind Russell, or:

MAME: The Musical, starring the radiant redhead, Lucille Ball! 

They're both so much fun in different ways!

Auntie Mame as played by Russell is wonderfully avant garde, and funky.  We should ALL have aunts like that. 

It reminded me of the fun I had watchin' Maggie Smith in a Travels With My Aunt! 

But there's something to be said for MAME with Lucille Ball!  Sure couldn't sing her way outta SING SING, but the music is awesome! 

And its got BEA ARTHUR!!!!  Oh, how Arthur wraps her dulcet baritone around that charmin' song:  The Man on the Moon is a MISSSSS!  Hee!

And it stars a young Bruce Davison, whom under Mame's tutelage, becomes a stark raving nut attacking folks with his pet rat. . . !

Mind you, I'd love to have seen Angela Lansbury playing Mame like she did on the stage! 

Which is a shame!  There's a lotta folks that get pushed aside for the movie production of stuff! 

Like didja know that Jessica Tandy played Blanche Dubois in the stage production of Streetcar Named Desire?!  DAyum, that would'a been awesome ta see!

Aw well!  Guess I'll go back to decidin' which Mame I'll watch first!  Oh, how I'd love it if they did a Super Soul production of Mame!  Lessee who'd be a good choice for contenders:

Whitney Houston:  Oh, she's definitely got the troubled enough past to carry the role, y'all!

Macy Gray:  Lord, the role almost got her name on it!

Tyler Perry:  He could do with another wig!

Eddie Murphy:  He plays women REAL WELL too, I says!

Loretta Divine:  Sassy, n' no nonsense!  She can sing!  And her boobs ARE REAL!  I'll take her!  Hee!

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