Friday, November 12, 2010


What's that?!  The dusts of Tatooine blowin' in my face, you say?!  Darth Vadar grabbin' my throat from the front row?!  Tie-Fighters firing a warnin' shot across my fez?!  R2D2 flashin', and pressin', that comely image of Princess Leia all up against my nose?!  CAN IT BE TRUE?! 

When I  heard rumors that they were gonna remaster Star Wars in 3D, I had to put on my steel plated pointy bra, cuz my nipples were as erect as two Jedi Lightsabers, honey chiles!  YESSSSS!  Oh, lordy, I can't wait to see them!

However, I'm a little concerned for the scratch and sniff cards that are supposed to accompany The Return of the Jedi!  There is a "Eau de Ewok Musk" that they're rollin' out that I'm not anticipating in the LEAST!

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