Monday, November 8, 2010


ahAAAAAA!  I see that got your attention!  Welcome to my new site, "DOCTOR SARCOFIGUY'S CURRENT LIE!" where I talk to you, my gentle audience about airthing under the sun.  Currently the only thing I wanna talk about is my new book, THERE ARE NO BAD MOVIES (Only Bad Audiences), which is available exclusively through!  Here's a link!

Mein GOTT thassa lotta link!  Almost to the point of being a Lance Link!  I'm talking ape crazy long, idn't it?!

This is my favorite picture from last week!  I think I'm inspried to do a movie starring myself!  Yeessss!  I wanna be an Ebony Undead!  An Ebondead?  Awww, you get the idea!

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