Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Mercy!  Black Friday doesn't hafta be black when it can be bright and happy! 

Especially when you purchase these charmin' items! 
  1. Every Other Day Is Halloween:  It's a charmin' documentary on our beloved Count Gore Devol and the astoundingly talented man behind him Dick Dyzel!  And me and my alter ego are in it!  Yessss!
  2. American Scary:  Another charmin' documentary that has every horror host on the planet in it!  Including ME!  Hee hee!
  3. Virginia Creepers:  Yet ANOTHER charmin' documentary that features horror host in the Virginia Commonwealth!  And it also has a wealth of ME, oh, and Count Gore Devol too!  And is hosted by none other than MR. LOBO! 

And lets not forget these charmin' literary oddities either!
  1. Underpants of the Dead:  An ingeniously crafted tome of zombies that's both funny, and frightening!
  2. Intracations:  The story of a standup comic who's the catalyst for the end of the WORLD!  More or less!  Hee!
  3. The Rites of Pretending Tribe:  This book ain't scary, but the folks in this Victorian era fantasy masterpiece are scared of a bunch of folks called The Pretending Tribe!  It's a must read, even if I say so myself!  And I always say so, dammit!
All of these awesome items are available everywhere that books or videos are sold!  And they make great stocking stuffers, as long as you don't have your foot in the stockings!  There's specially designed stockin' for that!

And don't you DARE forget about my entertaining tome on cinematic criticism:


it's available exclusively here at! 

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