Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who is this guy? Or the ramblings of a Hatter w/o his HAT!

Click title:    The Dapper Rapper

Who is this guy, and why does he keep showing up on Youtube?!  He looks surprisingly familiar.  Like a relative or somethin'!  I dunno.  He seems rather entertaining though.  I betcha celebrity has eluded him, and he's reduced to this!

He kinda reminds me of me, sorta!  A side by side comparison would bear that out.  Especially after watching repeated viewing of a commercial I did for a charmin' chicken company:

Click title:  SWEET, SWEET TEA!

They didn't pay me for this, I just like to do commercials for stuff, pro bono.  What can I say?  I'm a fan of spicy fried chicken!  Better than that tired KFC!  What they SHOULD do with KFC is change the "C" to somethin' else like:  Kentucky Fried Chitlins.  Or Kentucky Fried Corn Dogs!  Or, or, or Kentucky Fried Custard for a special flambe' dessert treat!  YEESSSS!

Ah, well!  Whoever this guy is, and how he's related to me is, I guess, a mystery that will be revealed/resolved at some point!

Speaking of mysteries:  I'm surprised this comely young lady hasn't called me back yet!  I didn't come off as desperate at all when I called her!  And I was pretty needy, y'all!  Everytime I called I counted, "One One Hundred, Two One Hundred," before I called her!  So she didn't get no more than--?  4 calls per hour!  I think that's rather reserved, don't you think?

I mean she did mention me in an article some time ago! 

Click title:  PEACHES!

I guess it was a case of "touch me in the mornin' and then just walk away!"  Actually I don't like to be touched in the mornin'.  I'm not a cuddler.  Get's too sweaty!

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