Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LOOSING FACE: The Secret Behind The Shades!!!!

What goes on behind the shades of Dr. Sarcofiguy?
Are there optic blasts, ala CYCLOPS from the X-men that he has to contend with?
Or are his eyes all cosmically speckled with some type of eldritch energy like that other dude from the comics, WONDERMAN?!
Is he stoned and he’s tryin’ ta hide the ole RED EYE?  Au contrare, mon ami!
Actually, what’s going on is a secret that’s never been told. . .UNTIL NOW!  It’s a new year, and I made a resolution to be a man of full disclosure, YEAH!  So, the secret to the shades are:

They are there to keep his face latched on!  Ever heard of the term “losing face?”  Well the good Doctor’s face literally gets lost sometimes!  It rips itself off my skull like a Rick Baker mask, and it toddles off to God knows where! 

It wouldn’t happen if I weren’t always so damned prideful, so embarrassed to  just attach the headgear harness to my shades! 

Oh, you should see the places my face ends up!

This is my face bookin' down the highway to Charlottesville, VA!!!!

This is my face in Peru with a pack a' alpaca!

This is my face down in Nawleans at Southern Decadence! 
I STILL don't know what THAT'S about!

This is a Doctor friend of my using his Sonic Screwdriver ta give my face a jump!


This is my face inside of a blob at Blobfest in Pennsylvania!

This is one of those moments where my face decides it wants to galavant around the
AFI theater whilst I was taken a nap! 
The lovely Leanna Chamish is pointing at where it got to, up in the rafters!
I remember Curtis Prather's comment at the time:  "Oh, that wacky face of yours!"

This is what I look like when my face up and leaves me!  Of course, it takes the fez with it! 
So without a spare, I have to make do with this stupid helmet!
Featured in the photo here with me is that Dick Dyszel guy trying not to
laugh as he's miking me for the show!

I remember my thoughts at the time:

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