Tuesday, January 11, 2011

STROLLING DOWN MEMORY LANE: When it was once in a good neighborhood!

Ah, I remember the late 70's.  It was the bicentenial, and everything was either about John Adams, George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson!  Eagle pictures were everywhere!  Commerative coins with Benedict Arnold proliferated. 

The late 70's were also very good years for movies!  There was JAWS. . . .and especially STAR WARS! 

There was also disco!  I LOVED DISCO!  So what do you think happened when they married STAR WARS with DISCO?!  MY HEAD BLEW UP, and it was all because of one man!  One man with a DREAM to have us wittle kids dance our asses off to the Catina Band, Yoda, and even the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind!  Who was that one man?!


Every once and awhile I break out my lp's and I listen to the genius arrangements of MECO MONARDO, HAROLD WHEELER, and TONY BONGOVI (Uncle to JON BON JOVI)!

YES, I own ALMOST everything!

Oh, yes!  I remember rockin' out to this little ditty here!  I still got the original lp.  Well, I have the second of the original lp.  I broke the first one when I accidentally stepped on it!  Oh, about the Galactic Funk. . .

Oh, this one is brilliant!  It's got the Close Encounters Theme, complete with the Mothership scene as a disco duel!  And there's an exellent treatment of the jazz song "Topsy" which is performed on here by The Catina Band.  And they SING too!  LOVELY!

Oh, this HERE is a marvel of music!  You'll be easin' on down the road to OZ before you know it on this one!  It's even got guest vocals by the Wicked Witch of the West herself, y'all!  The poppies ain't gonna put you to sleep with all this partyin' carryin' on!  It's STUNNING!  I'M SERIOUS! 

Oh, the theme to SUPERMAN!  Not only does it have guest vocals from LOIS LANE, it's got a side B that beyond belief!  Oh, the B cuts have original themes for The Caped Crusader, The Boy Wonder, The Lord of The Jungle, and The Amazing Amazon!  Chile, she's a wonder!  AND A WOMAN!
Y'all should find this album and make tonight a 

OH YEAH!  Star Trek: The Motion Picture AND The Black Hole themes!  Felt like somebody beamed me across the head that year!  And is that really Majell Barrett with guest vocals on this thing?!  I THINK SO!

I got this, ya'll.  And lemme tellya, the Empire has definitely GOT BACK!

I got THIS on cd!

I definitely got THIS on cd too!  MECO:  Dance Your Asteroids Off! 
I did ya'll!  I did!  Next time I'll wear a belt to keep
them in place!  Get it, an "Asteroid Belt!" 

ANYWAY:  It's got the Duel of the Fates theme on this one!  And a truly entertaining, and marvelous cut featuring none other than JAR JAR BINKS!  He's rappin', y'all!  OH, IT'S KEWL, I tellya!  And it even features the original Ewok Celebration song that they cut out of the Special Edition Return of the Jedi, with C3PO Rappin' on that one!  YEAH!

Remember the CLAP TRACK era of music?!  Well MECO was part of that too!

Both of these albums are the bomb diggity!  I just wished they'd release them ALL on CD at some point!  SIGH!  Lemme break out my turntable until then!


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