Thursday, January 13, 2011

PARACINEMA MAGAZINE REVIEW: My favorite review, thus far!

There Are No Bad Movies! (Only Bad Auidences)

0 Comments 13 January 2011, Author:  CHRISTINE
There Are No Bad Movies! (Only Bad Audiences). What a name for a book! It speaks volumes before you ever crack it open. And this is truly Dr. Sarcofiguy’s aka John Dimes’ opinion. In short, movies are what we make of them.
This book speaks truths, and it speaks them with a sly smirk and a coy wink. The author takes a conversational tone as he recalls personal experiences with “Arm Chair Critics.” We all know the types. Defined here as “unpaid, self appointed emissaries of all things cinematic.” Dimes even takes the time to draw up a list of phrases the Arm Chair Critic will commonly use to critique a film. The list alone makes this book a must have. I can assure you the phrases in question are not only amusing, but also accurate. And I must admit I’m guilty of having thrown a few around.
As I mentioned, the tone of the book is very casual, almost as if you’re chatting with an old pal who wants to let you in on a revelation they just had. The author’s main goal is to educate. He wants us to take a step back and realize that there’s a good chance our enjoyment of a film had more to do with ourselves and less with the director or star. It’s a message I endorse. It’s kind of like saying “hey, take accountability for your crap mood!” I don’t think it’ll work in every situation… but still! It’s always a good idea to try and view things from a new perspective. And this book contains that perspective. And I’m pretty sure it’ll be a new one for most of us. Visit amazon and pick up your copy of There Are No Bad Movies! (Only Bad Audiences) and bask in John Dimes’ quick wit as he drops cinematic truths on you! Maybe we can all learn how to be better audiences.


  1. I'm going to pick this up within the week actually. What a good review. I was reading this post and I thought of "Cracking up".I don't know why but I did. You know, the Jerry Lewis movie? Of Coarse you do. Well, there is this scene in that movie that I swear is one of the funniest comedic scenes in any movie ever specifically do to the players and the delivery. We watched this a few weeks back and its stuck with me so bad that I watch it and cackle to myself daily.

  2. @ JasonBlood - I watched that link you posted. Gah. Miltie in drag. Pure nightmare fuel. Excellent dubbing of the sultry voice over 'im, though.

  3. Yeah, he did it perfect. I think that's why I laugh so hard about it. The looks Jerry Lewis gives are priceless as well.

  4. Jason, refering to your comment about the book review: yes! YES! It was the best review the book has received thusfar! And MERCY! I haven't seen "Cracking Up!" in YEAAAARRRSSSSS! Oh, thank you for posting this!

    Uncle Miltie is pure nightmare fuel, as J. Astro said! HAHAHAH!

    I always wondered whether Bugs Bunny in drag was based on Uncle Miltie when HE was in drag. They appeared, to my mind, to share the same dental records! HAHAHAH!