Thursday, December 30, 2010


A donut hole is something of a philosophical and existential disparity.  One would think that a donut hole, as opposed to a donut whole, would be everything of nothing.  An anomaly of edible emptiness!  

Donuts themselves are symbolic of the Alchemical Alembic. 

The empty Ourobourous creating an end to its own eternal struggle by issuing forth a cyclical “windbreak” or “pearl” fashioned from its own essence, much like an oyster producing its complex mucous concretions about an irritant.  Once this “irritant” is primed with all the negative information that it has absorbed, as does the human liver filtering impurities from the body, this cosmic “irritant,” or rather, this “cork” POPS and is sent out into the void where they are captured by your local bakery practitioner.    

Of course, this is long after the donut hole orbits its parent donut in an elliptical pattern for approximately 3 days!

I’ve always loved donut holes. 

We with our simplistic view of them, we have never tapped into the true potential of these exo-celestial/pan-transcendental treats!  If we were to simply devote all of our time into stimulating all of the dormant power of our pineal glands by promoting the kinetic energy of our collective Kundalini’s, as produced through the sacral region of the body. . .

. . .we could then unlock all those clinging covalent molecular bonds of cinnamon covered fried dough, those complex confectionary sugar covered spheres.  .  .

And soon we can embrace those hallowed cholesterol laden corridors.  Those honey combed compartmental infinities.  Oh yea, and verily we should all learn to plumb the depths of The Donut Holisticality with a keen perspicacity into the divine sanctity of those vasty spongy lairs! 

The sublime layers of all that gingery, all-spicy univerisimilitude!!!!

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