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Here are all my lovely reviews all inna row, from the good to the grudgingly good!  I ain't afraid to put up a bad review--that is until I get one!  HEEE!  Some have links for the full review, others not so much! 


“. . .a frequently funny, wittily written diatribe against those who derive constant pleasure from verbal cinematic destruction.” –Venoms 5, Cool Ass
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“. . . With great humor and perfect logic, the reader is taken on a trippy ride through the cinematic ether and is treated to a philosophical slap-down that will leave you on the floor laughing.”  -The Tomb Keeper, 
There Are No Bad Movies (Only Bad Audiences) is a testament by a true fan of cinema, and I’d suggest a must-read for anyone who wants to actually become a Film Critic one day. Easy to read and full of cinematic insights as well as a new viewpoint as to how the average movie-goer “sees” movies from usually simplistic (and not so objective) viewpoints, with detailed points as to how most of us view cinema and the storylines, cast, etc. in very personal ways!”  -Ken Knight  “THE MIDNIGHT SHOW~Late Night Cable TV Guy-Flicks of the 80’s”

The next time you go to a zombie movie or a sf film or something where teens get killed every ten minutes, and the guy in front of you groans that the effects suck, take this book and hit him over the head with it, to shut him up.  Then give him the book to read so he’ll smarten up. “Victor Schwartzman, The Outsider Writer’s Review  
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"Dimes' book brims with humor and passion to make a serious point: If you don't like a movie, perhaps the problem is YOU." - Scott Telek, Cinema de

“…if you are a movie fan, and love a wide variety of movies, then this is a great read. “  -Dave Albaugh, Terror From Beyond The Daves  
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“John Dimes’ THERE ARE NO BAD MOVIES: “John Dimes wrote about characters and their parents. And soon you realize that the book is over, and then you’re like, wait, that’s some resonant writing. Kind of Holden Caulfied/minimalist prose, seen in retrospect.” – Mickey Hess, Big Wheel at the Cracker Factory

“I give a big applause for the big cahoonas that John Dimes apparently has and a wink toward There Are No Bad Movies! (Only Bad Audiences) from a movie and book reviewer’s perspective.” – Pissed Off      
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“There Are No Bad Movies! is worthy of a read for those looking for a few good arguments against cynical criticism. It certainly gave me plenty to think about.” Robert Saucedo, Inside       
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". . .The Schizoid Ravings of a Mad Cinephile. . .it made me reevaluate how I view movies and my attitudes towards movies, which isn't an easy task to do. " – B Through     
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