Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've always been a fan of Mr. Myxptlk!  I'm sure I'm mispelling his name, but damned if I'm gunna put his name in my spell check buffer!  IT'L MESS UP EVERYTHING!  Besides, his name never seems to be consistent no how! 

Anyway, I've enjoyed each and every incarnation of the character over the years.

ESPECIALLY the last iteration brilliantly concocted by
Alan Moore & Curt Swan in Action Comics #583! 

Here he is in his "TRUE FORM!" 

Which got me thinkin'!  Why not have 'em even more realler than real?  Why not show Mr. Myxlpitlk(sp?) during his down times, when he's not being a totally obnoxious IMP irritating the Man of Steel?!

Why not give him the VERTIGO COMICS treatment, y'all?!!!

Cantcha just seem him in a trenchcoat, smoking a cigie, ala John Constantine?!  I know I CAN!!!!  And ya don't even have to call'em by his whole name! 

Ya can just call him "THE MYX!"  It's so VERY today!!!!

Gimme a chance, DC to write y'all a three issue mini-series starring this most amazing, multi-dimensional, MAGICAL midget!  Y'all know where to contact me. . .RIGHT HERE!  And for anyone readin' this who KNOWS somebody at DC, ya better tell'em to SEE. . .ME. . .NOW, baby! 

I won't steer 'em wrong!!!!

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