Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Dr. Sarcofiguy's official spokesmodel JOHN DIMES was interviewed for our charmin' collaboration THERE ARE NO BAD MOVIES (ONLY BAD AUDIENCES) for the the Moviesucktastic Podcast! 

Mr. Dimes was interviewed for A LOOOONNNNG time!  And folks, it was the most fun he's had in ages.  It was like he was talkin' to old friends at a bar.  All was needed was a couple of beers, some hot wings, and a few comely, sexistly garbed, Kardasian-like lady folks wearin' Hooter's T-shirt!  HEE! 

So, click on to the various links that Messrs.S. Scott Wilson & J.F. Guida so graciously provided your good Doctor, and have some fun!  Mr. Dimes certainly did!  YESSSSS!!!!!

 Their website, where the episode can be listened to streaming:


The MST Blog Update on the episode:

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