Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Before there were red Hulks, and smart Hulks. . .and a little bit before there was a SHE HULK. . .

. . .There was something back in the day that Marvel Comics produced which was their answer to Mad, and Cracked Magazine, they produced:  CRAZY MAGAZINE.  Inside were parodies of stuff, mostly Marvel related. 

NOW:  One of the good Doctor's favorite characters featured therein was The Terrific TEEN HULK!!!!! 

If you just clicked on the link, THEN SUCKER!!!!!

Well, Doctor Sarcofiguy rooted around his Alter Ego, John Dimes', portfolio and dug out some seriously VINTAGE, and embarrasingly ridiculous comic pages of HIS rendition of a day in the life of the Teen Hulk, featuring THE IMPOSSIBLE MAN. . .and another guest star!


Click image to enlarge, y'all!

Click, I said!

You might not want to click this one, but do it anyway!

Click this, too!  What fun!

Keep up the good work, and click!

Click this, AND SHUDDER!

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