Friday, February 4, 2011

DEAR MARVEL - "WHAT THE?!" The Comic Book

A letter to Marvel Comics from the IMPOSSIBLE MAN:

Dear Mr. Marvel Comics,

My name is the Impossible Man!  Well, that is what I'm called!  My real name is, well, SLARTIBARTFAST!  Not really, HEE!  My real name is unimportant.  I'm not joking, kind sir.  That's my really, real name:  Unimportant.  Well, that's how it's pronounced.  How it's spelled on my world is "Frgipfgopt!" which translates on YOUR world as "Unimportant!"  Don't you love galactic homonyms?  I certainly do!

Mars in the Summertime!

The reason why I'm writing you is to inform you that Uatu and I are just coming off our road trip across the stars!  YEEESS!  He's ready to host that comic book you cancelled eons ago, "WHAT THE?!!!"  He said that he knows just the writer who could do it right!  Just call'em!  He's been watchin' the guy for some time now.  Watchin' him closely.  That's what the Watcher does, you know?  Watches stuff.  Right now he's watching Dr. Who!  Uatu loves all of that time travel stuff, and alternate realities. . . 

 . . .speaking of which, we're on our way BACK to Jamaica, Mon!  Hee! 

Happy Trails (winkwink!)


  1. I would read this.

  2. Well, don't just sit there! PASS IT ON TO MARVEL, then! Hee! And tell'em DR. SARCOFIGUY sent ya! And then,um, explain to them who I am. . .you know how it is. Some folks are so famous, SO BIG, that they're almost invisible to the nekkid perception, yessss!