Friday, February 18, 2011


My alter-ego John Dimes (who designed all the illustrations, by the by!), and I, were discussing how wonderful it would be if they would turn one of our beloved comicbook character MR. X into a movie!   We loved him back in the 80's, and most recently in the collected Volume 1 of Mr. X from Darkhorse Comics, and in the book Mr. X: Condemned, also from Darkhorse!

Oh, the colorful, film noir quality of this surreal character as he is bein' beset by the demons he inadvertently created. You see he was the chief architect of the city of Somnopolis.  His Psychotechture was suppose to subliminally, and peaceably, effect the states of mind of all the inhabitants of his fair city.  But, of course, something went TERRIBLY WRONG!  And it was up to MR. X to right this wrong!  HEE!

LOVED. . .THIS. . .BOOK!  And thank GOD for Dean Motter for creating him!

Now who would I cast as the pivotal role of the good Mr. X?  Here are my choices:

1)  Richard O' Brien:  Famed creator of Rocky Horror Picture Show & Shock Treatment!  He was fantastic in Dark City, he'd be a good choice to play X!

2)  Bill Nighy:  THIS MAN IS GOD!  He can play anything, and anybody!  I love him in everything he does!  SMOOTCHES to anybody who'd cast him!

3) Hugo Weaving:  Man's gotta the right shape cranium, and he's got that timbre of voice that just commands authority!  Great in the Matrix as Mr. Smith, so he's good at inhabiting cyphers with a secret past!  Love 'em!

4)  Tilda Swinton:  Her androgynous look has been constantly called upon in such films as Orlando and Constantine.  She's a fantastic actress that can pull off any role, any gender! 

Now all you need is a director.  Might I suggest:  Darren Aronofsky?!  Mebbe even Christopher Nolan?!  I'm just sayin'! 

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