Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've been petitioning comicbook companies for the last two days to get them to let ME fiddle with some of their characters!  Mr. Myxlplk was one.  Teen Hulk, obviously another.  Here's my next favorite to tackle:

AHHH, the glorious DR. STRANGE!

I love Steve Ditko's Strange!  With Stan Lee writing those wonderfully twisted, faux Eastern Religious stories on magic and mysticism were totally appropriate for the New Age, hippie dippie 60's!!!!!

I loved it when Marshall Rogers was on the book!

Frank Brunner was a dream!!!!

And the Great Gentleman Gene Colan was the absolute definitive look on the book!

Loved the TV Movie from 1978, which I OWN on VHS!  Hee!

And I LOVE the recent cartoon!

I tellya, Dr. Strange has been through the ringer so many times!  So many faces changes, and power loses!  It's time that ya'll let ME, DOCTOR SARCOFIGUY, handle the DOCTOR!  It's time ta get FROUD-LIKE on 'em!  It's time to DARK CRYSTALIZE 'em, I say!!!!!!

That's right, I'm talkin' about turnin' him into a powerful Elf in Fairyland!  I've even got the perfect villain all mapped out for 'em!

Zahma Kli:  THE MERCIFUL!  Not!

He looks like a cute Buddhist Pokemon right now!  But in truth, the cosmic entity's true form is so VILE!  So HEINOUSLY FRIGHTENING, that the mind can only perceive him as a benign, round-headed cherub.  WITH a triangular halo, no less!  Yeesssssss!

OH, PUH-leasseeee LEMME try it MARVEL!!!!!



  1. Well brother you couldn't do any worse than what Marvel has already done to the good Doctor in the last few years.
    I mean first they depower him then make Dr. Voodoo sorcerer supreme. The kill off Voodoo and make Strange a avengers but don't give him his rightful place back.
    It is almost as bad as that terrible TV movie they did.

  2. I got the first issue of Dr. Voodoo, Sorcerer Supreme! It was interesting enough. I never got the later issues! And they KILT him off, you say?! But what was all that ta do about them fightin' it out for the title of Sorcerer Supreme?! MERCY!

    And I LOVED that "bad" tv movie, sir! I was a very, very good audience for it indeed! Hee!

  3. Well there are "no bad movies only bad audiences". shameless plug here.

    As for Dr.Voodoo yep they kilt him off in New Avengers and made his ghost of A BROTHER VOW REVENGE on Strange. I wish Marvel new how to handle magic based characters though i miss the old Strange,Ghost Rider, Morbius, and Son of Satan and so on.

  4. I loved what Warren Ellis did on Hellstorm with the Damian Hellstrom character. Loved his short lived DRUID series too!

    As for Brother Voodoo: I'd love to get a crack at THAT character. Dead, undead, or alive!!!! Yeesssss!